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Ronnie Drever

Senior Conservation Scientist

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Areas of Focus

Provides science leadership and mapping to place-based initiatives and to Natural Climate Solutions.

Media Contact

Jacqueline Nunes
ph. +1 416 526-7353


As a biologist, I’ve always had a deep-rooted love for the natural world. I like bringing my analytical skills to define and solve thorny conservation problems and provide high-quality information to decision makers.


Ronnie started working for The Nature Conservancy in 2007 and transitioned to Nature United when it was created in 2014. He led the creation of the study on Natural Climate Solutions in Canada published in 2021, the culmination of four years of research and is now the science basis for climate initiatives at Nature United. He is now working on several projects that have come out of that work, including a report that summarizes the implications of the research for how Canada allocates funding to nature and climate, as well as a detailed assessment of how and where to best restore forest cover in Canada.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Geography, a master’s in Natural Resource Management, and a doctorate in Biology. Before starting at The Nature Conservancy, he worked as a biologist on wildlife monitoring in coastal British Columbia as well as varied applied research projects.

On the weekends, he enjoys spending time with his kids, walking his dogs in the fields and forests around his home, and mountain biking. He’s also an alpine skier and a soccer fan.

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